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Swim Technique and Video Analysis Training Day Oct 28 2012

We will be running our renowned swim technique and video analysis training day on Sunday 28th October 2012 at the Loughborough University Swimming Pool. Continue reading

Nutrition for Triathletes

The subject of nutrition has become a big topic over the years and it seems to be getting Absolute Triathlon Coaching | Good Nutritionmore and more complicated and that’s in every day eating let alone if you are trying to fuel sufficiently to train and race. But let’s try and break it down into smaller pieces to make it easier to understand. Continue reading

It’s all about nutrition… Absolute’s training day focusses on food

Saturday 4th Feb saw the second of Absolute Tri Coaching’s team training days. The first of the training days saw us covering lower limb conditioning exercises with our Physio and biomechanical expert, Carl Dunstan as well as reviewing athletes running style. The exercises will help strengthen the lower limb and ankles to help avoid injury and the running assessment will allow us to continuing improving how the athletes run and move by giving individual feedback and specific exercises and stretches to do. Continue reading

Triathlon Training Tips – Doing Triathlon For the First Time

So the new year has just passed and you might well of thought about picking a new challenge for 2012 and with the Olympics this year it’s a great idea to make it a Triathlon mount linesporting challenge. If that sporting challenge it’s a triathlon and it’s your first one then even better as it’s one of the fastest growing sports in the UK at the moment and with a great chance of a medal in London this year.  Continue reading