Outlaw Training – Athletes are stepping up to the mark!

So week 2 started really well with a 70 mile ride with a few of the Absolute athletes doing the Outlaw, great weather for January and a decent ride.

Swimming last week was mainly aerobic work but we’ve started to add a little bit of speed during the sessions just to get the athletes used to it. For those athletes at the club not doing the Outlaw or other long distance races the speed will gradually increase as we get closer to the season. Last week’s swimming was also a record breaker with our highest numbers at all 3 sessions last week. Just as well this week we have the introduction of a new session which will also see the club with its first 2 hour session for certain athletes. The club run session was still focused on drills and good technique with some video analysis done and reviewed. The main session was a threshold set with focus on maintaining good technique above all else. The weather just about held off for some long rides over the weekend with a short run off the bike, groups went out Saturday and Sunday and just about got done what they wanted to so another step on the way.

The Karen Green Foundation is well under way now with bank account completed, trust set up and first monies coming in. The teams have now been completed so overall we will around 40 teams or individuals looking at doing the Outlaw and raising money in memory of Karen.

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